Properties for sale in Benissa

Benissa is a corner of the Mediterranean where you can get lost between the green of its mountains and the blue of the sea. Its population is characterized by being a place with a certain medieval aspect that, together with the beauty of its landscapes, make up a destination that is worth visiting. 

70.000 €
Benissa - Buenavista
Ref. 2738
773 m 2
150.000 €
Benissa - Coast
Ref. 8233
199 m 2 4 2
264.000 €
Benissa - Fustera
Ref. 2715
90 m 2 2 2
295.000 €
Benissa - Buenavista
Ref. 2722
150 m 2 812 m 2 5 2
350.000 €
Benissa - Buenavista
Ref. 9301
164 m 2 654 m 2 2 1
355.000 €
Benissa - Buenavista
Ref. 2728
200 m 2 637 m 2 3 2
398.000 €
Benissa - Buenavista
Ref. 2723
217 m 2 896 m 2 2 + 2 2 + 2
399.000 €
Benissa - Buenavista
Ref. BE.H-904
196 m 2 575 m 2 2 + 1 1 + 1
420.000 €
Benissa - Benissa Costa
Ref. 2732
120 m 2 876 m 2 2 2
450.000 €
Benissa - Ferrandet Departure
Ref. BE.F-168
268 m 2 5.100 m 2 3 + 4 2 + 3
480.000 €
Benissa - Montemar
Ref. BE.H-892
199 m 2 868 m 2 2 + 1 1 + 1
495.000 €
Benissa - Fustera
Ref. CP4952
320 m 2 1.100 m 2 4 3
550.000 €
Benissa - Montemar
Ref. BE.H-897
387 m 2 837 m 2 3 + 5 3 + 5
598.000 €
Benissa - Buenavista
Ref. 2727
144 m 2 808 m 2 3 2
695.000 €
Benissa - Fustera
Ref. BE.H-907
305 m 2 1.390 m 2 2 + 1 2 + 1

Villas Benissa: Find Your Home in the Heart of the Costa Blanca


Discovering Benissa: Mediterranean Charm and Tradition

Let us take you on a journey through the beautiful cobbled streets and idyllic landscapes of Benissa. This city captures the essence of the Costa Blanca with its Mediterranean charm and rich history. Here, time seems to stand still in its cobbled streets, while panoramic sea views remind you that you're in a coastal paradise. The villas for sale in Benissa are a gateway to this world of tranquility and authenticity.


Casas Benissa: Spaces that Reflect Your Lifestyle

If you are looking for a home that is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality, the houses for sale in Benissa are the answer. At Avencio, we understand that your home is more than just four walls; It is a haven where you can be yourself and create unforgettable memories. From elegant villas with sea views to cozy houses in the historic center, our options are adapted to your wishes and needs.


Exploring Options: From Villas to Flats in Benissa

The diversity of properties in Benissa is amazing. If you are looking for the charm of a villa with private garden and pool, you will find it here. But we also offer options for those looking for a more practical lifestyle, such as the flats for sale in Benissa, which combine comfort with a convenient location. Whether you prefer the tranquility of a villa or the practicality of a flat, Benissa has something special for you.


What are the advantages of buying a villa in Benissa instead of other areas of the Costa Blanca?

Benissa is a hidden treasure on the Costa Blanca. Unlike the busier areas, this city offers a quiet and authentic atmosphere. The villas for sale in Benissa give you a unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle by the sea.


What services does Avencio Inmobiliaria offer for property buyers in Benissa?

At Avencio, we are committed to making your shopping experience exceptional. We provide you with expert advice, financing options and a wide selection of properties. Our goal is for you to find the property that perfectly fits your needs and desires.


How can I start my search for properties for sale in Benissa?

Getting started is easy. Explore our online portfolio and contact us for more details on the properties you are interested in. We are here to answer all your questions and guide you through every step of the process.


Your new chapter in Benissa starts here

In short, the villas for sale in Benissa offer you the opportunity to experience the Costa Blanca in a unique and authentic way. From houses with sea views to flats in the historic center, the options are varied and exciting. At Avencio Inmobiliaria, we are here to be your guides in this exciting quest. Do not miss the opportunity to find your refuge in Benissa, where every day becomes a new adventure. Start your journey today and discover the place where your property dreams come true!


Other properties for sale in Benissa:


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